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Welcome to Cardpedia, 3D Print's encyclopedia of PVC Cards.

PVC cards are commonly used as plastic support for identification systems. The most used cards have magnetic stripes or barcodes, but in recent years new technologies have been developed, such as contact and contact-less integrated circuits.
These new technologies have increased the performance and the security of the identification process.
Other most used application for PVC cards are loyalty programs (e.g. gift cards, digital wallet, point cards).

3D Print is the fastest European PVC cards manufacturer and produces PVC cards from small to huge runs, with different materials and technical features (magnetic stripes, contact and contact-less Memory chip, barcodes and every kind of variable data).
3D Print constantly evolves itself: new technologies, high quality of raw materials, low prices and qualified support, make 3D Print one of the most flexible and competitive European companies.

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